Poject and Heavy Logistic Transportation

Tufekci Transport, the process steps are started by first making a road analysis of the out of gauge loads to be transported. The works continue by making and following the official procedures for the transit processes in national or transnational transportation. Lastly, success is achieved with a devoted work by our professional strong team with the most suitable transportation equipment.
Below services we provide within project transportation;

Project transport and management,
Getting a road permit,
Supply of technical equipment,
Heavy cargo, warehouse and transfer solutions,
Heavy cargo transportation,
Turnkey cost management,
Order tracking,
Crane and survey,
Full charter and part charter ship charters,
Packing and fixing of materials,
Project-friendly storage services.

Completed projects;
Factories, power plants and pipelines,
Steam and gas turbines, tower and wind turbines,
Transformers, condensers and heat boilers,
Tanks and pressure devices,
Dryer, chimney and iron / steel ovens